Gift Giving for Your Favorite Crafter

Gift Giving for Your Favorite Crafter

Crafters can be hard to shop for. We have very specific tastes in our crafts, so we like to shop for ourselves. Gift cards can be impersonal, and returns are always a nightmare. So I'm here to offer suggestions for all budgets- make your crafter smile with a Yazzii bag. Keep reading for several options in pouches and bags!

Small Craft Pouch 3 piece set- CA405

If you're looking for a frugal option, check out the Small Craft Pouch set. It's a three piece set of zipper pouches with clear windows so your crafter can easily access exactly what she needs. The largest one is 6.75" x 6.75", so they're easy to carry. Plus, they fit easily into larger Yazzii bags so they are great add-ons if she's already a Yazzii lover. They're great for holding thread, notions, beads, needles, and EPP supplies.

2 piece Sewing Notions Pouches CA420
For something a bit larger and useful as mini-project bags, look at the 2 piece Sewing Notion Pouches. Yazzii bags have many facets of use, so it could be a craft bag, travel bag, or makeup bag! Its functionalities work perfectly for crafters. For an added boost, you could add her favorite craft must-haves!


Craft Notions Pouch 3 Piece Set CA510

This Notions Pouch set is larger still than the previous ones- the largest one is 12" x 8". You can still use them as add-ons for larger Yazzii bags, but they are great sizes for on-the-go crafting as well. This bag set would be a great gift for your English Paper piecers, cross-stitchers, or bead workers.

Quilt Block Carrying Case- CA371

Probably one of my favorite bags: The Quilt Block Carrying Case. Even if she's not a quilter, your friend will love the clear front, putting her craft on display. It also makes it easy to double check the contents without having to dig through the bag. It comes with sturdy handles and of course, all of our bags showcase Yazzii's high quality stitch work.

Whether you love a quilter, a knitter, a cross-stitcher, a jewelry maker, or any other kind of crafter, Yazzii has the right bag choice for them! Please let our awesome customer service team know if you have any questions about our products!