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Craft / Jewelry / Cosplay Travel Wallet

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Yazzii Craft Wallet

These small craft holder wallets are just perfect to keep all those little items for sewing. The quilted surface of Yazzii craft wallets makes them ideal for getting creative and personalizing your craft organizer. Great to take with you to appointments or on the airplane to continue working on your craft projects. Easily fits in your purse.


Perfect for storing everyday essentials such as medications, jewelry, accessories, etc. when you are traveling. The 4 zippered compartments are perfect for keeping jewelry untangled while traveling.

It can be used to carry your credit cards, business cards, notes, or receipts. The see-through panels help you identify the contents at a glance. The space-saving, portable design allows you to carry around the compact wallet, hassle-free.

Perfect companion item to other Yazzii Organizers.

Size closed: 4.5in x 5.25in (11.4cm x 13.3cm)

Size open: 4.5 in. x 20 in (54cm x 13cm)