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Petite Craft Organiser XL

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$67.75 AUD
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$67.75 AUD
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The Petite Craft Organiser XL is a quilted petite craft organiser with additional compartments and storage options.

It features four zippered compartments with see-through panels as well as a zippered fabric pocket—ideal for storing smaller craft projects, such as needlework, hand stitching and embroidery, cross stitch, sashiko and more, with an added storage compartment for fabric, craft tools and thread.

Elasticised storage is included to fit thread spools, small scissors, seam rippers and more.

With a zippered closure and a sturdy handle, this is a craft organiser designed for optimum craft storage, whether you're travelling or at home.

The Petite Craft Organiser XL is also suitable as a travel organiser, perfect for storing toiletries, makeup and jewellery.

Petite Craft Organiser XL Dimensions

    • Approx. size when closed - 34cm x 15.25cm x 7.75cm

The plain quilted surface also provides a great opportunity to embellish and decorate your Petite Craft Organiser XL—check out the inspirations page for some great ideas.

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