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What They Say – Valued Feedback – Australia-Intl. Yazzii Craft Organisers & Bags
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What They Say – Valued Feedback


It was such a treat meeting this fabulous lady and getting to thank her in person for such a lovely quality product!!


International Quilt Festival


I am so proud of my dear friend How many people can say that their products are in the Oscars Swag Bag for the second year in a row?



I would like to thank you for the phone call yesterday. I was quite impressed that you went to such lengths to fulfill my order.

Thank you very much!
I love your products, and now I love your service!



I love your product and on a trip to Canada saw one that was designed for Beader. Many thanks.



Color is awesome. Very impressed with this product! Loving this. Seems to be very well made. Holds lots of stuff. Thought the price was a little high, but, after checking it out in person the pricing seems very reasonable for the quality. Will be getting more of these soon.

SHARON SMITH, Verified Buyer Review


I am a quilter & now a very organised one after the purchase of a selection of Yazzii Organiser Bags. The see-through compartments are great & I have set them up as project & teaching compacts. Its great to be able to pick them up & know that I have what I require in a light weight, good looking bag

JAN PRESTON, Quilting Teacher – Victorian Quilters INC


Perfect timing. My friend is out of the hospital and I am going to see her later so I can take her the craft bag i bought for her! I just can’t say enough how awesome you are. I’ve been telling all of my friends. It was such a treat meeting this fabulous lady and getting to thank her in person for such a lovely quality product!! Arrived safely – thank you! And thanks once again for the fabulous service.



Love this Yazzii bag. Fits my small pressing board as well as mat, rulers, and cutting tools!



Preparation is important when I am travelling & teaching patchwork classes, so that everything I need is at my fingertips. If I cannot see what is in the pockets of my bags, I am always rummaging around searching for what I need. What a joy to find Yazzii Bags with the see-through pockets. There is a pocket to fit everything & they are so comfortable & easy to carry


Member – Victorian Quilters INC


I have two Yazzii quilted cotton tri-fold knitting needle organizers. I want to buy more of them but haven’t been able to find them anywhere. Any help or information you could give me regarding locating these would be greatly appreciated. They are GREAT organizers;superb quality. Thanks so much.



Hoo-boy! This is an answer to my prayers. I’m using it for a major embroidery project, with materials that are worth close to $1,000. They include Benton and Johnson goldwork materials, duchess silk, hand-dyed linen, handmade papers, beads, kid, felt, and more. The tubes and skeins of silk floss are custom-dyed to accurately reproduce 16th- and 17th-century work. Add a bunch of small tools, and there’s more stuff than it sounds like. In other words, this is a serious adventure. I didn’t want to trust all of that to a flimsy receptacle, and wanted everything to fit into one storage piece. Additionally, I want to be able to transport the whole thing easily without arriving at my destination to find a big jumble of materials. After searching around on line, this looked as though it would meet my needs – and it does. The pockets are generously sized, and I could easily put more items into one, expanding the carrier’s use to two or several more projects. At least one more would fit now, but I like the idea of everything in one place, but only one project at a time; at least, only one of this magnitude. There are zippered pockets throughout in a variety of sizes for thimbles, scissors, beeswax, a mellor, a tekobari (or other laying tool), needles, etc. Larger pockets hold a lot of floss tubes without putting pressure on the silk. With big pockets for patterns and/or fabrics, it’s like an all-in-one storage system. With all the zippers, as well as a zipper all the way around, you’ll have nothing falling out and getting lost. It also keeps out dust and cats. I recommend that you look one over.